Act 1 Productions

Act 1 is DeSales University’s highly-acclaimed performing arts company and features professional-caliber productions.

Welcome to our 2016-2017 season. The one word which binds our choral, dance, TV/film, and theatre students together is rehearsal. Through rehearsal, these young people hone their craft. Through weeks and months of preparation, their trial and error is the process by which they find their voice, the process by which artists emerge. And it is one of the true joys in their lives to sense the arrested attention of an audience as they endeavor to entrance  and entertain.

On stage, our actors and dancers enthrall audiences through their electrifying performances. On the big screen, our filmmakers dazzle through their innovative lamination of traditional storytelling with cutting edge technology. In concert, our choral students remind us of the beauty of the human voice blended in glorious harmony.

On behalf of our students, staff and faculty, I am happy to invite you to experience the many joys of the season ahead here at the Labuda Center which, we’re proud to announce, was voted as Best Performing Arts Center of the Valley for 2016 by the readers of Lehigh Valley Magazine.

John Bell, Division Head
Division of Performing Arts

In addition to our film festivals and choral and dance concerts, the coming theatre season includes an exciting list of plays and musicals.

  • We open our season with the riotous Charley's Aunt.

  • The October production of Showtune, is a melodious musical revue which celebrates the great songs of Jerry Herman

  • In December we’ll present the nearly perfect holiday tale The Homecoming, the play that gave birth to television series The Waltons.

  • We’ll open 2017 with the searing Arthur Miller drama The Crucible,

  • In the spring, our senior theatre majors will present the enchanting children’s tale Peter Pan.

  • Our season finale will be the Act 1 premiere with Mel Brooks' big, splashy Broadway musical Young Frankenstein.

Upcoming Performances