Faculty and Staff

Meet the Faculty 

Ravi K. Ahuja
B.Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
M.S., Syracuse University
M.B.A., Syracuse University

Mark Allyn
B.A., Oakland University
Ph.D., Stanford University

Susan Aloi
B.S., Kean University
M.P.A., New York University

Lynn E. Bagnull
B.S., Edinboro University 
M.B.A., DeSales University
Post Graduate Certification in Physical Therapy, University of Pennsylvania

Bradley Barnhorst
B.A., Harvard University
M.B.A., Pennsylvania State University

Suzanne Barnhurst
B.S., Delaware Valley College
M.B.A., LaSalle University

Carlton Becker
B.S., Kutztown University 
M.S., The American University 

George B. Bellwoar
B.A., LaSalle University  
M.B.A., Drexel University

Isobel Berry
B.S., West Chester University 
J.D., Villanova Law School

Lisa Binder
B.A., Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales
M.B.A., Wilkes University

John F. Bing
B.S., Bloomsburg University 
M.B.A., DeSales University

Yvonne Bleam
B.A., Lehigh University
M.B.A., Lehigh University
D.S.L., Regent University 

Ruth A. Brennan
B.A., Western Michigan University
M.Ed., Arcadia University
M.B.A., Temple University, Fox School of Business

Gregory P. Brown
B.S., Drexel University
M.B.A., West Chester University 
Master's Certificate, Villanova University

Deborah Noble Burak
A.B., Muhlenberg College
M.S., Temple University
Ph.D., Capella University

Mark M. Capofari
B.S., St. John's University
M.S., SUNY Maritime College at Fort Schuyler

David Chlebda, PMP
B.A., LaSalle University
M.B.A., LaSalle University

Richard Cipoletti, P.M.C.
B.S., West Virginia University
M.P.A., West Virginia University

Christopher R. Cocozza, C.P.A.
B.S., Fordham University
J.D., Fordam University School of Law
L.L.M., New York University School of Law

C. Christopher Corrao
B.B.A., Temple University
M.S., University of Pennsylvania
D.P.S., Pace University 

Thomas D. Craig
B.B.A., Temple University
M.B.A., Lehigh University                  Ph.D., Temple University

David Culp
B.S., Kansas University
J.D., Kansas University School of Law
L.L.M., Columbia University School of Law

David K. Dalition
B.A., St. Mary's University of Minnesota
J.D., University of Notre Dame School of Law
L.L.M., Judge Advocate General's Legal Center & School                     L.L.M., Columbia University School of Law

Larry L. Deal
B.S., York College
M.B.A., Wilkes University

Donald DeMooy
B.S., Lehigh University
M.S., Syracuse University

Daniel Devine
B.S., Clarion University 
M.B.A., Clarion University    

Thomas V. Edwards, Jr.
B.S., Drexel University
M.S., Villanova University
M.B.A., LaSalle University

Michael H. Ensby, PMP
B.S., University of Maryland
B.S., University of Maryland
M.A., Webster University                   M.S., Clarkson University 

John A. Falk, C.P.A., C.I.A., C.F.E., C.G.F.M., C.F.F., C.G.M.A.                    A.A., Lehigh County Community College
B.A., Moravian College
M.B.A., DeSales University  

Mansour Farhat, C.P.A., C.I.A., C.F.E., MAcc
B.S., Bloomsburg University 
Master of Accountancy, Bloomsburg University 

Jeffrey W. Focht
B.S., Central Connecticut State University
M.A., Villanova University
Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania

Michael J. Gallagher
B.S., Lebanon Valley College
M.B.A., Lebanon Valley College
Ph.D., University of Toledo

John E. Garber, Jr.
B.S., Slippery Rock University of PA
M.S., St. Joseph's University
M.S., Villanova University

Cynthia M. Gentile  
B.A., Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Douglass College
J.D., Rutgers University School of Law - Camden      

Bruce Gilbert​                                     B.A., Marshall University                  M.B.A., American InterContinental University

David M. Gilfoil​                         ​         B.A., University of Massachusetts ​      M.A., College of William and Mary​   Ph.D., Stevens Institute of Technology

Donald J. Gimpel
B.S., LaSalle University
M.B.A., LaSalle University
J.D., Villanova University School of Law

Susan Givens-Skeaton
B.S., Creighton University
M.A., St. Mary's University
Ph.D., University at Albany, State University of New York

Eric J. Hagan
B.S., University of Delaware
M.B.A., Wilmington College 
Ed.D., Drexel University 

Tahereh Alavi Hojjat
B.S., Teheran University, Iran
M.A., American University of Washington, D.C.
Ph.D., Lehigh University

Nicole S. Huff
B.B.A., Loyola University of Chicago
M.B.A., University of Dallas
D.H.A., Central Michigan University

William Hutton
B.S., Southern Illinois University
M.A., Norwich University
Ph.D., Kennedy-Western University

Gregory Jeffries
B.S., City University of New York
M.S., Pace University
D.P.S., Pace University

Charles Jobs
B.S., Bloomsburg University 
M.B.A., St. Joseph's University
Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi

Michael J. Keenan, CTP, ChFC
B.S., Villanova University
M.B.A., Drexel University

Patrick Kincaid
B.S., Muhlenberg College
M.B.A., DeSales University

Joseph King
B.A., Binghamton University
M.S., Rochester Institute of Technology

Robert H. Klein
B.S., San Diego State University
M.B.A., California State University

Karen Lawson, CSP
B.A., Mount Union College
M.A., The University of Akron
Ph.D., Temple University

Beth Long
B.A., Rutgers University
M.S.M., Lesley University

Robert Lovelace
B.S., Philadelphia College of Bible
M.A.R., Eastern Seminary
Ph.D., Temple University

Edward Luttenberg
B.B.A., Cleveland State University
M.B.A., Case Western Reserve University

Michael E. Macarro, PMP
A.A.S., Northampton Community College
B.S., Pennsylvania State University  
M.B.A., University of Maryland

William J. Matthews 
A.A., Northampton College Junior College
B.B.A., Pennsylvania State University
M.B.A., Holy Family University 

Diane E. McCann, PMP
B.S., Albright College
M.B.A., DeSales University
Ph.D., Walden University

Susan Y. McGorry
B.S., University of Scranton
M.B.A., Lehigh University
Ph.D., Lehigh University

Carol Mest
B.S.N., West Chester University
M.S.N., University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., Temple University 

Joseph F. Miele, Jr.
B.S., Drexel University
M.B.A., St. Joseph's University

Marc A. Miles
A.S., Troy State University
B.S., Methodist University  
M.B.A., Alvernia University

Robert Nickels
B.A., Northwestern University
M.B.A., Harvard Business School

Greg Nucifora
B.S., Villanova University
M.B.A., St. Joseph's University

Donald J. Ortner, PMP
B.A., Walla Walla University
M.I.B.S., University of South Carolina

Earl Osterstock
B.A.A.E., Ohio State University
M.S., University of Pennsylvania
M.B.A., Northeastern University
D.B.A., Boston University

David Paul, PMP
B.S., Temple University
M.S., Pennsylvania State University

Joseph W. T. Pugh 
B.S., Drexel University                        M.A. - Webster University                        M.B.A., Averett College                         D.M., University of Phoenix

Kenneth J. Pulcini, C.P.A., C.I.A.
B.S., Bloomsburg University
M.B.A., St. Joseph's University

Jody V. Rennie, PMP                          B.A., Moravian College                     M.A.S., The Johns Hopkins University

Charles T. Roessing
B.A., University of Pittsburgh
J.D., Temple University School of Law

Peter Roland, C.P.A., C.F.P., C.M.A., C.F.M., C.F.S., ChFC, C.L.U., A.I.F.A, P.F.S.
B.S., Elizabethtown College
M.S., Drexel University  
Ph.D., Northcentral University

James Rommens, PMP, CSM
B.B.A., Baruch College
M.S., National Technological University                                           M.A., Covenant Theological Seminary

Elizabeth Rosa, C.P.A., C.M.A.             B.A., Tulane University
M.B.A., Lehigh University

Peter H. Rothman, C.P.A.
B.S., Philadelphia University
M.S., Widener University

Bryan J. Rygiel, PMP
B.A., DeSales University
M.B.A., Lehigh University

Raymond Savage
B.S., City College of New York
M.B.A., Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Jason Schafer
B.A., Muhlenburg College
M.B.A., Holy Family University

Amy K. S. Scott
B.A., The Pennsylvania State University
M.B.A., Lehigh University
Ph.D., Lehigh University

E. Michael Shaffer, C.F.P.
A.A.S., Community College of Philadelphia
B.B.A., Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
M.B.A., LaSalle University
Ed.D., Wilmington University

Patrick Simonson, F.A.C.H.E.
B.S., Indiana University of PA
M.H.S.A., George Washington University

Jeffrey S. Stewart
B.A., Syracuse University
J.D., The Dickson School of Law of the Pennsylvania State University

David T. Stoneback
B.S., Bloomsburg University
M.B.A., University of Phoenix            Ph.D., Capella University 

Raymond L. Stoudt, R.P.E.
B.S.E.E., Drexel University
M.S.E.M., Drexel University                              

Harris S. Tahir
M.B.A., Rowan University
D.B.A., Nova Southeastern University

Kensler Telfort
B.S., Kean University
M.B.A., DeSales University

Michael Toohey
B.A., East Stroudsburg University
M.B.A., Temple University

Joel D. Wagoner, C.P.A., C.F.M., C.M.A.
B.S., Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
M.B.A., Regis University

John Paul Weber
B.A., Temple University
M.B.A., LaSalle University

Mark Wegryn
B.A., Muhlenberg College
M.P.H., Columbia University School of Public Health

Thomas P. Wise, PMP
B.S., College of St. Francis
M.B.A., University of St. Francis
Ph.D., Capella University 

Patrick Witmer
B.A., Millersville University
M.G.A., University of Pennsylvania

Thomas E. Zaher, C.P.A., C.S.E.P., C.G.M.A.
B.S., Wilkes College
M.B.A., Temple University  

Meet the Staff

David M. Gilfoil, Ph.D.
Director, DeSales University MBA Program
B.A., University of Massachusetts
M.A., College of William and Mary
Ph.D., Stevens Institute of Technology
Email: David.Gilfoil@desales.edu

Mary Ann Falk
MBA Associate Director/Program Coordinator - Center Valley Campus, Lehigh Valley Hospital, and Center City Allentown
B.A., DeSales University
M.B.A., DeSales University    
Email: MaryAnn.Falk@desales.edu

Kimberly May Karpinski
Assistant Director
A.A., Northampton Community College
B.A., DeSales University                 M.B.A., DeSales University
Email: Kimberly.Karpinski@desales.edu

James V. Castagna
MBA Program Coordinator - Bethlehem Area, Center Valley and Pocono Campuses
B.S., St. Joseph's University
M.B.A., Wilmington College
Email: James.Castagna@desales.edu

Joseph P. Zukauskas
MBA Program Coordinator - Lansdale and Immaculata Campuses
B.A., DeSales University
M.B.A., DeSales University
Email: Joseph.Zukauskas@desales.edu

Shawna L. Steward
Dept. Secretary - Lansdale Campus
B.S., Susquehanna University  
Email: Shawna.Steward@desales.edu 

William DeBuono
Evening Assistant - Lansdale Campus
B.S., Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Email: William.Debuono@desales.edu 

Vanessa Williams                                  Social Media Coordinator                    B.A., York College of Pennsylvania  Email: Vanessa.Williams@desales.edu 

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