MACJ Online: Investigative Forensics

The DeSales MCJ Online Investigative Forensics concentration relies on science to address legal issues in criminal investigations with a focus on violent crimes. 

Study criminological theory and practice while concentrating your studies in the field of investigative forensics. As a graduate of this program, you'll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to make an immediate contribution to your field. 

It is an ten course program (30 credits) that requires completion of:

  • 5 required courses
  • 4 concentration courses
  • 1 capstone course

All courses are online and can be taken full-time or part-time. 


5 Required Courses (15 credits)

  • CJ 501 - Advanced Criminology
  • CJ 502 - Research Methods and Evaluation
  • CJ503 - Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • CJ 506 - Issues in Criminal Law
  • CJ 530 - Policing in America

4 Concentration Courses (12 credits)

  • CJ 510 - Forensic Science in the Courtroom
  • CJ 516 - Forensic Psychology
  • CJ 532 - Advanced Crime Scene Investigation
  • CJ 533 - Behavioral Criminology
  • CJ 534 - Forensic Toxicology
  • CJ 535 - Medicolegal Investigation and Identification
  • CJ 544 - Forensic Anthropology

1 Capstone Course (3 credits)

  • CJ 507 - Criminal Justice Seminar 

Total: 10 courses (30 credits)

For complete course descriptions, please see the DeSales Graduate Catalog.

Learning Outcomes

When students graduate from the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice program, they will be able to demonstrate:
  • ability to compete successfully for employment in the criminal justice field and related areas.
  • academic competence in the criminal justice body of knowledge, to include a curriculum that reflects the full spectrum of key criminal justice topic areas.
  • skill in researching, writing, and orally reporting issues of significance in criminal justice.
  • knowledge of high ethical standards and the application of those standards in real life criminal justice situations consistent with the Christian Humanistic philosophy of St. Francis de Sales.
Mission Statement 

The mission of the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice (M..C.J.) program is to provide graduate studies to professionals in criminal justice and related fields. This includes law enforcement and its administration, the criminal court systems, and the correctional areas of criminal justice such as probation and the treatment of offenders. The M..C.J. program is available to those who aspire to be professionals in those areas. Finally, the M..C.J. program is designed for individuals seeking graduate studies in criminal justice in anticipation of academic careers and research related employment. Of great importance in the delivery of graduate studies in criminal justice is the teaching of high ethical standards and the real life application of those standards consistent with the Christian humanistic philosophy of St. Francis de Sales. 

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